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Meet the Team

The Hepatitis Drug Interactions website was launched in 2010. The website team is based at the University of Liverpool and has responsibility to constantly monitor and update the site’s content.

Saye Khoo (Liverpool)

Programme Director

Saye is an ID Physician and Professor of Pharmacology providing the team’s strategic and academic leadership, supporting the development of our resources and representing the website team at national and international meetings. He is particularly interested in harnessing the technology of the websites to continuously improve patient care.

Catia Marzolini (Basel)

Deputy Director, Scientific Lead, Principal HIV Pharmacist

Catia is the responsible lead for predicting drug-drug interactions where no clinical data is yet available using a mechanistic approach. She contributes to the content development of the websites and represents the website team at international conferences and meetings, as well as in the EACS guidelines panel. Her main research interests include the prediction of drug-drug interactions and the pharmacokinetics of antiretrovirals in special populations using modelling, as well as inappropriate prescribing in older people living with HIV.

Fiona Marra (Glasgow)

Clinical Lead, Principal Hepatitis Pharmacist

Fiona is also responsible for assessing drug-drug interactions and predicting interactions using a mechanistic approach where clinical data is as yet unavailable. She draws on her clinical experience of treating HCV patients in Glasgow. Fiona contributes to the overall development and expansion of the website and teaches extensively on HCV related pharmacokinetics, representing the website team at international conferences and meetings.

Alison Boyle (Glasgow)

Specialist Pharmacist

Alison is an advanced BBV pharmacist and a qualified independent prescriber. Alison uses her clinical knowledge to contribute to the production of drug-drug interaction content for the website.

David Back (Liverpool)

Scientific Advisor

David is Emeritus Professor, and our senior scientific advisor, helping the team with strategic decision making, shaping the future development and direction of the resources we produce.

Lauren Walker (Liverpool)

Clinical Advisor

Lauren is one of the senior investigators in the AGILE trial which evaluates potential COVID-19 treatments in an early phase clinical trial platform and joined the website team in 2022. Her research interest involves utilising existing health record data to understand how multiple long-term conditions, and their associated prescriptions, evolve over time and how these relationships between drugs and diseases lead to harm. She is very interested in predicting risk and examining patient journeys to identify at what point the harm of a medicine outweighs the potential for benefit.

Jasmine Martin (Liverpool)

Development Manager

Jasmine obtained a BSc (Hons) degree in Pharmacology from the University of Liverpool in 2016 and, after completing a Masters degree by research, she joined the website team in August 2017 working mainly on the cancer drug interactions website. In March 2020, Jasmine took up the post of Development Manager for all the websites (HIV, HEP, COVID and Cancer) and is responsible for developing partnerships and projects which support our mission and ethos.

Justin Chiong (Liverpool)

Programme Manager

Justin is responsible for finance and analysing the websites’ performance. He also provides general administrative support to all aspects of the team’s activity.

Daryl Hodge (Liverpool)

Content Manager (Hepatology)

Daryl completed their PhD in Clinical Biochemistry in 2013 and, after post-doctoral research posts in physiology and pharmacology, joined the website team in August 2018. Daryl's main role is the management of the hepatitis website, but also assists with the updating of the COVID-19 and HIV interaction databases.

Sara Gibbons (Liverpool)

Content Manager (HIV and COVID-19)

Sara is responsible for creating content for the HIV and COVID websites and oversees the general administration of the websites ensuring quality and consistency are maintained across all the Liverpool Drug Interaction Group websites. 

Daniel Seddon (Liverpool)

Editorial Assistant

Daniel obtained a BSc (Hons) degree in Pharmacology from the University of Liverpool in 2018 and a Masters degree by research in 2019. After spending time working in a hospital pharmacy and a virology laboratory, Daniel joined the website team in 2021 working first on the cancer drug interactions website before moving to the COVID-19 website.

Awards and commendations
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